Monday, October 31, 2011

Some more of my Handpainted TP Roll ornaments

Ornaments #1 blue front and back and #2 pink front and back.
The pictures are of my handpainted TP Roll ornamaents, the blue ornament on left is the front and back, this ornament is for a Boy.  The pink ornament on the right is the front and back this ornament is for a Girl. Each ornament has a silver tone jingly bell and a charm. For the blue the charm says "It's a Boy" and the pink the charm says "It's a Girl".

Ornaments #3 blue front and back and #4 pink front and back.
Left blue for a boy and Right pink for a girl

Ornaments #5 blue front and back and #6 pink front and back.
Left blue for a boy and Right pink for a girl.

Ornaments #7 blue front and back and #8 pink front and back.
Left blue for a boy and Right pink for a girl.  Each section shows the front and backside.  Be original and get this OOAK ornament for your tree or th give as a gift, each ornament is $10.00 plus $5.00 P/H.  Can contact me thru my contact page on my web-site.

Have a Great Day!!! and ~~Happy Halloween~~

Happy Halloween...

~~~Happy Halloween~~~

Have a Great Day!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A nice walk in the park...

The weather was nice and sunny, but still a bit chilly.  The heavy snow that came up the east coast missed us, boy were we lucky.  The three of us went for a nice walk outside at Highland Park, my husband and son went ahead while I went around placing handpainted stones where they could be found by someone, and hoping to brighten there day.  I place a total of seven stones throughout the park and one was placed on NaNa's tree, this is a tree that has been dedicated in Memory to my mother.  As I was sitting in the car waiting for my husband and son to return, I noticed a couple looking at one of the stones, but they left it for another person to find.  I'm hoping that a Lucky person that finds one will post where it was found and tell a little about how they felt.
I will soon be posting some pictures of the TP Roll ornaments that I have completed.

Have a Great Day!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Creating and painting eight TP Roll ornaments...

It is a chilly October Thursday, I decided to stay in and work on eight TP Roll ornaments.  The Theme is babies, one boy and the other girl.  Each one is gonna have 4 that are different totalling eight ornaments, as soomn as completed I will post the pics.

Have a Great Day!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Handmade State Sphere Ornaments

Handmade State Spheres, this one is New York.  Right now I have one 3" dia. and four 1 1/2" dia.ornaments, I can make them with or without a bell.

Handmade Sphere ornaments, this one is New Jersey. I have two 3" dia. of this state.

Handmade Sphere ornaments, this is Pennsylvania. Have so far completed one 3" dia and six 1 1/2" dia sphere ornaments of this state.

And than there is Texas handmade sphere ornaments. This is what is completed for this state are two 3" dia., five 1 1/2" dia. ornaments.  As I can make any state that you are interested in, also can make with or without a bell.   Any questions let me know.

Have a Great Columbus Day!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some more Pinecone ornaments

Ornament 6

Ornament 7

Ornament 8

Ornament 9

Ornament 10

Ornament 11
Here are some more of my handmade pinecone ornaments, these would look beautiful hanging on your tree or to give as a gift to family, friend or a favorite teacher or for yourself.  These ornaments are about 3 inch dia and 4 inches in length.  If interested can contact me thru my web-site.

Have a Great Day!!!