Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

Autism Awareness theme bird houses...

Some more of my handmade and painted bird houses, these three are in the "Autism Awareness" theme.  The top bird house is the large one base color blue with puzzle pieces all around, shows front and back. This one has easy access for cleaning.  
The other two are the small houses showing the front and back, base color blue and base color yellow also are decorated with puzzle pieces.  They are all fully functional and would  make cute homes for the birds or as decorations...

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Some more of my handmade bird houses...

Here are two more of the bird houses that I made and painted.  
The pink one is for "Breast Cancer Awareness" and the blue house is covered with large and small stars.  
Both houses have recycled wood on the roof that I found on the beach.  The entrance is 11/8" dia.  paint used is acrylic and two coats of exterior gloss sealer.  
They are fully functional for the birds to live in or for decoration.
Thee are more of my bird houses I made on my web-site on the bird house page.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Gingerbread bird house

This is the most current 9th bird house that I made and painted, I don't bake so this is the closest to a Gingerbread house that I can make.  The pictures show, front view, front and side view and the bottom picture is the view of back and other side.  This house has easy access for cleaning...A birdie would love to live in a house like this...

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Been awhile since I posted...

I know it's been a long time since I posted here on Audiz Creations Blog. I have been busy making and painting things, such as bird houses. Miniature bird house ornaments, plant stake Miniature bird houses and now I'm making the houses that the birdies can live in or as decoration in your home.  They can be seen on my web page http://audizcreations.weebly.com/birdhouses.html

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Hand painted mini clip boards...

Hand painted mini clip boards, they are all hand painted by me ~Audiz~ no two are alike, might have the theme but yet they are different.  There is a stand on the reverse side so they stand up.  These are great for holding recipe cards on the counter, phone messages on the desk.  Also, they make a great gift for teachers, friends, family or a gift to yourself.  Each board measures 6 3/8 inches Long x 3 3/4 inches Wide.
This is my Autism theme using the puzzle pieces.

A woven background with a cute catapiller on each.

 Checker board pattern in pinks with whimsical hearts that have cute smiley faces.

These two were the first two minis that I started,  the background pattern is the Arygle diamond pattern with cute Ladybugs.

Another two that have the Argyle diamond pattern, one is with stars one star being cute with a whimsical smile.  The other clip board has a smiling whimsical flower.

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Hand painted recycled shelf...

This shelf I had gotten to decorate, after having it sit around for a couple of years I finally decided to work on it, this was over the Christmas holidays. I completed all three pieces last month.  The two small boxes are actually drawers that went into the cubby holes, I made them into containers added feet on the bottom.  I think they will look great with some silk flowers, put a glass frog in the bottom of both boxes.  The shelf with the four cubby holes was painted using the designs I used on the boxes.  I added ball feet on the shelf, does have a solid hanger on the back but being it a bit heavy I put the feet on. giving the option of setting on a dresser/counter.  The painted parts have 3 coats even the pattern is 3 coats of paint, than 3 coats of finish completes this project...

~Have a Great Day~