Friday, February 10, 2012

Hand painted mini clip boards...

Hand painted mini clip boards, they are all hand painted by me ~Audiz~ no two are alike, might have the theme but yet they are different.  There is a stand on the reverse side so they stand up.  These are great for holding recipe cards on the counter, phone messages on the desk.  Also, they make a great gift for teachers, friends, family or a gift to yourself.  Each board measures 6 3/8 inches Long x 3 3/4 inches Wide.
This is my Autism theme using the puzzle pieces.

A woven background with a cute catapiller on each.

 Checker board pattern in pinks with whimsical hearts that have cute smiley faces.

These two were the first two minis that I started,  the background pattern is the Arygle diamond pattern with cute Ladybugs.

Another two that have the Argyle diamond pattern, one is with stars one star being cute with a whimsical smile.  The other clip board has a smiling whimsical flower.

Have a Great Day!

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