Thursday, November 25, 2010

***Happy Thanksgiving**

I would like to wish everyone a "Happy Thanksgiving."  The other day I made my first sale from my spoon ornaments, the Charlie Brown tree and the Penguin standing in the snow found a new home. I am making more items will later take pictures and post.  I have also finished making my sisters gift that to I will post but not before she recieves it, which is next month for her birthday.

Monday, November 8, 2010

More of my Handpainted Wired Spoon Ornaments...

I finally got these done, 2 coats of finish and the wire which I finally got the hang of putting it on the spoon. I'm getting some more spoons ready to paint and decorate. I now have a total of eight done in this style.
The spoon on the left is a snowman with green background and the one on right are ornaments hanging on tree branch, this one the background I did in antique yellow.

This snowman has a Dark red background, also the one on the right has the same background color and the ornaments are hanging from holly leaves.

And this ornament is my Charlie Brown Christmas tree, I have done different varieties of this tree on other ornaments. I think this poor lil tree needs a good home.  And another spoon done with the ornaments hanging from the holly but with a different color background.
Some of the ornaments that I have made are set up at the flea market that my husband and I are at.

Have a Happy Day.

Monday, November 1, 2010

few of the things I have made...

Tonight, I put the final finish on six more spoon ornaments, I can add the wire onto the handle tomorrow.  I think these spoons came out very good now have to see how they look with the wire.  I'm going to try and match the wire color with the base color from the painting. When they are completed I will add the pictures, also will be added to my web-site.

 The block picture holders I just started making they are very easy. I'm making some special ones for some people that work with out son, some have their childs name and some are positive happy words.  Not the ones pictured here, these are some of the ones I put up at the market.

 This morning, I got some of my things that I have made together so I could set them up at a flea market. We now have a space (shelf) to set up some of my things and my husbands. This location is open 7 days a week the good part is we don't have to be there, hoping that they will sell it's better than having them sit in a box. Here are a few of the items the Snowman ornaments and Make a Wish boxes that I'm putting out, made them a few years ago.  I also have quite a few more of these I have made.

**Have a Happy Day**