Monday, December 6, 2010

Some More Hand Painted Spoon Ornaments...

The first spoon is of a Christmas tree and a tiny mouse.  All these spoons measure 7" inch in length and has the wrapped wire around the handle the background of the tree spoon is winter blue.

Here the Snowman is happy to see the snow flakes falling.  The back ground of the Snowman is green.
Here I have two spoons that are decorated with a Christmas puppy one has a pink background and the other is green just like the Snowman.  The pink spoon has a red wire wrapped around the handle and the green spoon has a green wire wrapped around the handle.  I outlined the puppies in gold paint, each one sports a warm winter cap.

I also painted to base color on some of the 8" inch spoons, I already have an idea for these.  Also, am working on some that are the same size as these. 
~Stay Warm on these cold December Days~

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