Monday, October 10, 2011

Handmade State Sphere Ornaments

Handmade State Spheres, this one is New York.  Right now I have one 3" dia. and four 1 1/2" dia.ornaments, I can make them with or without a bell.

Handmade Sphere ornaments, this one is New Jersey. I have two 3" dia. of this state.

Handmade Sphere ornaments, this is Pennsylvania. Have so far completed one 3" dia and six 1 1/2" dia sphere ornaments of this state.

And than there is Texas handmade sphere ornaments. This is what is completed for this state are two 3" dia., five 1 1/2" dia. ornaments.  As I can make any state that you are interested in, also can make with or without a bell.   Any questions let me know.

Have a Great Columbus Day!!!

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