Saturday, May 14, 2011

Working on TP Roll ornaments

Today, I woke earlier so I started to work on the Toilet Paper Roll onraments, like working early mornings on my projects.  Three are ready to put finish on and seven I need to decorate the reverse side, now to decide what I want to paint on them, Hmmm.  When done will post, also will have on my web-site.

Have a Great Day!

Stopped at the FleaMarket...

This morning, hubby and I stopped at the fleamarket there we have a shelf unit with some items for sale.  The last few days I made a combo card/bookmarker with my web-site info, the items I'm selling on my web-site instead of taking them there no room on the shelf for everything.  Made a small card holder that I attached to the shelf than I put in some of the cards for anyone to take.  I hope this helps with sales.  Yesterday was the first day of the Lilac Festival which runs for 10 days, the first day was beautiful warm and sunny today and the next several days are supposed to be rainy.

Have a Great Day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday projects...

Today, worked on a couple of projects first painting some of the Toilet Paper Roll Ornaments. I work on several ornaments at a time instead of one by one, have several that are completed on the one side now working on ideas for the reverse side. 
Also, preparing more pages from books that I have gotten from the store yesterday, these will be for the ball ornaments, if I have enough ready (need a lot) they will go towards another wreath I have started. 
While I was out shopping at Michael's today got an idea to make some business cards, wanna put them on the shelve we have rented at a local flea market. I looked at several items that came close but I want them to be different. Did see some large size tags about 10 in a package, these I liked but why buy them when I can make them. So, I started making some business cards, each one is gonna be hand written.
That is about it for now.

Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Recycled Book Page Ball Ornament

Another one of the Recycled Book Page ornaments I made, have several in different colors. They are Green, Marmalade, Faded jeans, Tea dye, Cotton candy, Natural, Dusty Concord, Teal, and Violet.  The color of this ornament is Violet., measures about 5 1/2 inch dia.
Am working on more ornaments in different colors, also making more recycled toilet paper roll ornaments, have quite a few already.

Have a Happy Day!