Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Found Art Hand Painted Stones"

"Found Art Hand Painted Stones"
I'm leaving whimsical hand painted stones in public places somewhere in the community.  It's my way to make art and share it with others. Also, a fun way for me to brighten up the day and put smiles on the faces of people with the economy the way it is. On the back of each stone is my blog address and a number so I know which one was found.  I would like it very much if anyone that find one of the whimsical painted stones please post and let me know that they found one and how they felt when they first saw it. If interested they can leave it somewhere for another person to find. There is no obligation these are free.

This is the post I put on Craigslist so people in the community know what I'm doing.

Have a Great Day!!

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