Friday, August 5, 2011

Metal Detecting Meeting tomorrow...

Tomorrow is our monthly meeting for metal detecting, I got the okay from the lady that runs the community center, that I could set up a table to display my crafts but there aren't many people in that building so I am gonna take a few in to show the members and hopefully sell.  This year I did very little detecting the heat didn't help any and also my back and leg pain. I'm taking a break this year and planning to get started again next year, I did very good last yeat thru the summer one park alone found $80. in coins and some jewelry.
These 3 are a part of seven Sphere ornaments that I made today. each one has a bell the colors are red, green and gold tone.  The measure 1 1/2 inch dia,  I do have quite a few of this size made but with different types of  recycled paper.

I tried a different type of paper for this one, I have 4 Scalloped Sphere ornaments and they each have a gold tone bell, this one measures 3 inch dia.

This Scalloped Sphere ornament is from books that are no longer wanted, here I recycled the paper to make these ornaments. Each has a bell colors are red, green and gold tone also measures 3 inch dia.
I hope that I am successfull in selling some of them, I be very happy if all the ones I take will be sold. Wish me Luck...

Have a Great Day!!

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